Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Ba Kelalan

The Lun Bawang People

The mountain village of Ba kelalan in the remote area near Kalimantan and Sabah border. The lun Bawang are nestled throughtout the highland/valley from Ba Kelalan down toward Lawas towm, the trusan river, along limbang river and the Temburong district of Brunei Darullsalam. They are skilled farmer, planting mainly wet and dry hill rice, raring the water buffalo and variety of other crop. Ba Kelalan area is endowed with few good salt spring known as “Lubang main”
A special retreat :- Ba Kelalan captivates visitors from around the world. Now a strongly Christain community , it is for many a special spiritual retreat and a place commune with nature. Other are attracted by the adventure of hiking across the border to Kalimantan on footpath established by decades of use. The peaceful way of life in Ba Kelalan, it magnificent surrounding.

Facilities:- Homestay are form of accommodation, but few resident now establishing guest house. Do not abuse hosipitality, a contribute to the village household or possibly to the village may appropriate, It may be possible to find a tour operator in Miri or Kuching to facilitate trips to Ba Kelalan ant the Gunung Murud mountain.

Visitors activities:- Photography, Leisure walking, bird watching, mountain climbing ( Mt. Murud, highest mountain in S’wak), walking trails and local activities, such as salt processing.

Access:- Flight from Miri Sarawak, via Lawas to Ba Kelalan. On Monday, Wednesday, &  Saturday . By 4-Wheel drive from Lawas town take about 3-4 hours drive -on a logging company road

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