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Ba Kelalan for Birds Lovers

Ba'kelalan is consist group of nine villages in the Highlands of  Lawas,Limbang Division, Sarawak, about 3,000 feet (910 m) above sea level and 4 km from the border with Indonesian Kalimantan. The villagers belong to the Lun Bawang tribe. The villages are Buduk Nur, Long Langai, Long Lemumut, Long Ritan, Long Rusu, Pa Tawing, Buduk Bui, Buduk Aru and Long Rangat.
The name Ba’Kelalan is derived from the Kelalan River and Ba’ which means rice field in the Lun Bawang language. Its population is about 1203 but as many as 8000 call it home.
 Ba'kelalan Airport has flights to Bario(Thursday) and to Lawas using 19-seater DHT aircraft.
Road access is possible via a 129 km former logging trail from Lawas using four-wheel-drive vehicles, but the road conditions can be particularly bad in the rainy season and the journey takes at least six hours. 

Rice production
Ba'kelalan paddy rice field
With water supply from the Kelalan river, the community have created well-irrigated padi fields  and grow the prized, small-grained “Highland Adan Rice” with fine, sweet grains.
Salt processing

Nearby salt water wells enable the community to produce an average of 40 kg of salt per week. The salt water is brought to the village and evaporated in a tank above a wood-fired stove; they take it in turns to stir the tank continuously for about five days as the crystals form and until the last water has been boiled away.
Home of many Borneo’s endemic species

Common Name                             Scientific Name
Bornean barbet                          Megalaima eximia
Bornean Green Magpir             Cissa jefferyi
Bornean Treepie                         Dendrocitta cinerascens
Blue Banded Pitta                       Pitta Baundii
Dulit Frogmouth                         Batrachostomus harterti
Eyebrowed jumgle Flycatcher   Rhinoyias gularis
Mountain bardet                         Megalaima eximia
Mountain Wren babbler            Napothera crasca
Whitehead’s spiderhunter         Archnothera juliae
White headed’s Broadbill           Calytomena whiteheadi
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker    Prionochilux Xanthopgius
And lot of common birds
                                                          The Birders or the...

                                                             The Dulit frogmouth

                                                           Photo by Sang S.

Payah Maga...Long Tuyu Lawas, Limbang

Payeh Maga, which means  swampy highlands in the Lun Bawang language, has three peaks. They are Gunung Doa which stands at 570m, Gunung Tuyo (1,752m) on the east side and Gunung Matallan (1,828m), the highest peak, on the west quadrant.
Forest Department Sarawak had carry out a survey on the area’s avifauna and the survey showed Payeh Maga has over 180 bird species including 27 endemic bird species, comprising over 50% of the Bornean total.

Among the species endemic to Borneo  found in
Payeh Maga are Bornean Banded Pitta Pitta schwaneri,  Black Oriole, Bornean Green Magpie Cissa jefferyi and Bornean Bulbul Pycnonotus montis. Bigger birds such as hornbills and eagles are often spotted soaring in the area as well.

Located at the far
northeastern of Sarawak, this area is already known for nature-based activities, particularly bird-watching. Payeh Maga is also situated within the Heart of Borneo (HoB) area of Sarawak. Many waterfalls and rock stream with high aesthetic values for nature-based tourism spots are also found in this place.

Payeh Maga, nearly two hours drive from Lawas town or about 70km through bumpy logging track is an important area for birds and other forms of wildlife.

Visitors to
Payeh Maga normally spend a night or two at neighbouring Lun Bawang village called Long Tuyo before putting on their hiking and camping gear the next day. Long Tuyo is 7km away from Payeh Maga. With support from Forest Department Sarawak, villagers have built basic shelters, Camp One located 965m above sea level and Camp Two (1,590m), to cater for researchers who are doing work in this area.


Matalan Homestay

                                                                       The Trails

                                                                         The Waterfall

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 Santai Santai di RWMF 2014

  Next year...7-9 August 2015

....Njoy..beach party







.....Tourism M'sia...Visit M'sia year 2014.......


.........njoy..the show...


......Internship....china made......

.............after a long wait...........

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Merarap Hotsring & Pesta Babulang Bisaya Limbang

It’s time for those guy to say thanks for all your help in planning for our recent visit to Merarap Hot spring & Pesta babulang- Bisaya community in Limbang. Besides the brutal logging road we encountered upon our return trip from merarap hotspring we saw a few logging truck load with logs, everything about the trip was excellent. I will forego many details and simply paint (Headache -Mabok ikut kereta) the overall picture of our experiences. The entire journey was handle by a Local tour operator, operated in Miri - Heart of Borneo Tours

Cool verse Hot

enjoyment of foot ........

Hot tubs area

Hot spring Accommodation

Cooling bath area

One of the hot tub pool

BBQ pit

Hot bath tubs area

The roses hot tubs pool

Crystal clear hot water tub pool


Lower corridor

Upper Corridor

The welcoming 

Arrival & departure road

The $.... sign.....

Pool area

The busines.....no city law on the road Bro....

Get ready

The waiting

Haaa...there they are..........can't see them....river water so muddy.

The village

Interviewed our driver -Mr Noel - Travel Writer & Aziz -Borneo Bulletin

Mr Robert@Gagaw-Our driver and Mr Noel -Travel writer

Pesta Babulang is famous for the buffalo race which is significant to the Bisaya community in Limbang. The pesta was held in Batu danau, which is about 30 minute drive from limbang town an about 20 minute from Brunei border.Beside the buffalo race itself, this festival hightlight the many facets of Bisaya unique culture, traditional food and local handicraft to visitors.Other activities like the cultural performance  the Temarok, the Ratu Babulang contest and  sukan rakyat.

For Sale...

Handicraft stall

The Invatation.....Lun Bawang

The Invatation..Chinese Asst.

Kuntul Berhias

The fallen...warrior

The race

Sukan rakyat

The Hospitality.........

The smile...


The beauty

Ratu Babulang