Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Merarap Hotsring & Pesta Babulang Bisaya Limbang

It’s time for those guy to say thanks for all your help in planning for our recent visit to Merarap Hot spring & Pesta babulang- Bisaya community in Limbang. Besides the brutal logging road we encountered upon our return trip from merarap hotspring we saw a few logging truck load with logs, everything about the trip was excellent. I will forego many details and simply paint (Headache -Mabok ikut kereta) the overall picture of our experiences. The entire journey was handle by a Local tour operator, operated in Miri - Heart of Borneo Tours

Cool verse Hot

enjoyment of foot ........

Hot tubs area

Hot spring Accommodation

Cooling bath area

One of the hot tub pool

BBQ pit

Hot bath tubs area

The roses hot tubs pool

Crystal clear hot water tub pool


Lower corridor

Upper Corridor

The welcoming 

Arrival & departure road

The $.... sign.....

Pool area

The busines.....no city law on the road Bro....

Get ready

The waiting

Haaa...there they are..........can't see them....river water so muddy.

The village

Interviewed our driver -Mr Noel - Travel Writer & Aziz -Borneo Bulletin

Mr Robert@Gagaw-Our driver and Mr Noel -Travel writer

Pesta Babulang is famous for the buffalo race which is significant to the Bisaya community in Limbang. The pesta was held in Batu danau, which is about 30 minute drive from limbang town an about 20 minute from Brunei border.Beside the buffalo race itself, this festival hightlight the many facets of Bisaya unique culture, traditional food and local handicraft to visitors.Other activities like the cultural performance  the Temarok, the Ratu Babulang contest and  sukan rakyat.

For Sale...

Handicraft stall

The Invatation.....Lun Bawang

The Invatation..Chinese Asst.

Kuntul Berhias

The fallen...warrior

The race

Sukan rakyat

The Hospitality.........

The smile...


The beauty

Ratu Babulang

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