Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ba Kelalan for Birds Lovers

Ba'kelalan is consist group of nine villages in the Highlands of  Lawas,Limbang Division, Sarawak, about 3,000 feet (910 m) above sea level and 4 km from the border with Indonesian Kalimantan. The villagers belong to the Lun Bawang tribe. The villages are Buduk Nur, Long Langai, Long Lemumut, Long Ritan, Long Rusu, Pa Tawing, Buduk Bui, Buduk Aru and Long Rangat.
The name Ba’Kelalan is derived from the Kelalan River and Ba’ which means rice field in the Lun Bawang language. Its population is about 1203 but as many as 8000 call it home.
 Ba'kelalan Airport has flights to Bario(Thursday) and to Lawas using 19-seater DHT aircraft.
Road access is possible via a 129 km former logging trail from Lawas using four-wheel-drive vehicles, but the road conditions can be particularly bad in the rainy season and the journey takes at least six hours. 

Rice production
Ba'kelalan paddy rice field
With water supply from the Kelalan river, the community have created well-irrigated padi fields  and grow the prized, small-grained “Highland Adan Rice” with fine, sweet grains.
Salt processing

Nearby salt water wells enable the community to produce an average of 40 kg of salt per week. The salt water is brought to the village and evaporated in a tank above a wood-fired stove; they take it in turns to stir the tank continuously for about five days as the crystals form and until the last water has been boiled away.
Home of many Borneo’s endemic species

Common Name                             Scientific Name
Bornean barbet                          Megalaima eximia
Bornean Green Magpir             Cissa jefferyi
Bornean Treepie                         Dendrocitta cinerascens
Blue Banded Pitta                       Pitta Baundii
Dulit Frogmouth                         Batrachostomus harterti
Eyebrowed jumgle Flycatcher   Rhinoyias gularis
Mountain bardet                         Megalaima eximia
Mountain Wren babbler            Napothera crasca
Whitehead’s spiderhunter         Archnothera juliae
White headed’s Broadbill           Calytomena whiteheadi
Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker    Prionochilux Xanthopgius
And lot of common birds
                                                          The Birders or the...

                                                             The Dulit frogmouth

                                                           Photo by Sang S.

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